Dear Friend,

As you know, things are changing dramatically for bars and clubs
these days.  With DUI's, anti-smoking laws, government
regulations, and a slowly recovering economy, it can be a real
challenge attracting crowds. Most venues that offer live
entertainment stick with the same old stuff, like bands, karaoke,
and DJ's. Then you have to deal with ASCAP and BMI trying to get
their hands on your hard earned cash.

In order to bring in the big crowds, you need something new,
fresh, and exciting.  You need an event that will get the public's
attention and spread word of mouth buzz. Your events need to be
fun and profitable.  You want high-quality, professional, yet
cost-effective entertainment.

Imagine presenting a special event that will make your
organization the talk of the town and have the audience thanking
you... we can make that happen!

"The He Said She Said Comedy Show"!  

This is a HILARIOUS, HARD-HITTING 'Battle of the Sexes' Comedy
Show for anyone who's ever been in a relationship.  

This 2-HOUR VEGAS-QUALITY SHOW is perfect for clubs and bar crowds
that hold at least 50-200 people or more... Featuring 2 RAW,
Danley and Katrina Brown
"The Mutant Queen of Comedy" join forces
to "tell it like it is" about relationships and life with humor.  
With our promotional team, combined name recognition, and social
media following, we are packing them in show after show.

This aint' no cheesey act, either.  This is definitely an
ADULTS-ONLY show. We keep it real, but
But even the PG-13 version is over kids' heads.  And that's why we
perform in bars and nightclubs, not churches or schools.

We also bring a roadie to set up a portable sound system and stage
lighting. So you don't have to worry about any technical stuff.